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Tips and tricks to install Oracle Apex

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Today i am gonna talk about some tips to install oracle apex

Just follow the JPEG picture and hope it will be useful for everyone

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Download Oracle Apex Installation tips

How To activate Arabic Interface on Oracle EBS

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To Activate Arabic interface all you need to do is
follow my pdf Steps

Note : i will upload Patch as soon as i can



the errors seen above are encountered because the NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS initialisation parameter has been set to CHAR. This is not a supported setting for this parameter in an Oracle Fusion Middle ware installation. This is documented in the Release Notes for each platform.


To remove the ORA-01450 errors when creating the MDS and SOAINFRA components ensure that the requirement for NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS=BYTE is met.

To check the current setting of NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS, login to the target database as SYSDBA and issue the following command:

SQL> show parameters nls_length_semantics

SQL> alter system set NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS=BYTE scope=both

After resetting the parameter you should restart your database for the change to take effect.