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hi Everyone ,

After We installed Oracle EBS on Our PC'S I have to say this is not the end theres's lot of common problems for Oracle EBS that you will faced one of them The Above Error
This error actually Appear when you try to add Functional Administrator to your Responsibly .

Cause of this error is :

There's some package have not been complied yet so you need to drop it and recreate it again , change some parameter and bounce Apache we will talk about every steps .

Solution Of this Error :

1- As we said before you need to Drop And recreate One Produce Responsible for this error .all this inside Sqlplus (But How can you enter Sqlplus)

To enter Sql-plus as Apps user you need to set your env . just Follow these Steps and you thank me later :)

On Linux Env :
cd $ORACLE_HOME/apps/apps_st/appl

After This
. Your Env-name

And Now you can enter to your Sqlplus apps/apps .

No , we not Finish Yet . all this to enable Sqlplus . we back to the error now .

Following to [ID 83942…

Oracle EBS installation

Hi all ,
its taking long time for me to write new blog , any way in this article i am gonna talk about how to install oracle EBS on Linux - 64 V5 update 4, take in your consideration there's no difference oracle ebs installation step,the difference is changing is the prerequisites for platforms .

you can check the prerequisites on meta-link DOC [ID 761566.1]
i will post link in the bottom of this article .

Before we begin the wild ride, there a few modifications that needs to be done to the system, a few packages need to be installed. I’ll assume that you have searched for quite a while and maybe you even tried to install the damn thing and ran into errors, so I’ll get right into the process. Here what we’re going to do:

Install Development ToolsInstall required packagesModify the System Configuration and Kernel (don’t panic)Create Required UsersInstall Oracle Apps
1-install Development Tools

there's easy way and hard way i prefer hard way since easy way take space on system and …