Steps To Shutdown/Start Oracle RAC

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I will mention steps to shutdown Oracle Real Application Cluster First :
You need to shutdown all the services like the following :

On Linux :
**Change to $ORACLE_HOME/crs/bin

shutdown emctl stop dbconsole .

1- ./srvctl stop database -d .

To check database name :

select DB_name from v$database ;

2-./srvctl stop asm -n

To check node name :
Hostname on terminal .

3-./srvctl stop nodeapps

4-./crsctl stop -all

these steps to stop RAC services on linux :

Windows :

** change to $ORACLE_HOME/crs/bin
1-srvctl.exe stop database -d
2-srvctl.exe stop asm -n
3-srvctl stop nodeapps
4-crsctl.exe stop -all .

Startup RAC services :

1-./srvctl start nodeapps
2-./srvctl start asm -n .
3-./srvctl start database -a .
4-./crsctl start -all .

emctl start dbconsole .

windows the same but without "./" just srvctl.exe


  1. Hello Sir,

    the culster should be start first and then the database services
    1)./crsctl start -all
    2)./srvctl start nodeapps
    3)./srvctl start asm -n
    4)./srvctl start database -a


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