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Export Data Bump , Import Data Bump In Oracle

Oracle Data Pump is a newer, faster and more flexible alternative to the "exp" and "imp" utilities used in previous Oracle versions. In addition to basic import and export functionality data pump provides a PL/SQL API and support for external tables.

Steps :
1- Create Oracle Directory  In Sql Plus (Conn /as sysdba)


2- Some Examples : 

CREATE OR REPLACE DIRECTORY test_dir AS '/u01/app/oracle/oradata/'; GRANT READ, WRITE ON DIRECTORY test_dir TO scott; The TABLES parameter is used to specify the tables that are to be exported. The following is an example of the table export and import syntax.
expdp scott/tiger@db10g tables=EMP,DEPT directory=TEST_DIR dumpfile=EMP_DEPT.dmp logfile=expdpEMP_DEPT.log impdp scott/tiger@db10g tables=EMP,DEPT directory=TEST_DIR dumpfile=EMP_DEPT.dmp logfile=impdpEMP_DEPT.log The…

Upgrade Oracle from To

1. Patch Set Overview
Patch set release Before installing this patch set you must be need version.
2. Requirements
Oracle DB : Oracle (later)Operating System: Any Platform 3. Pre - Installation Tasks
1. Identify prior installation
Before installing this patch you must install oracle (or later version)
2. Download Patch set
Download 6810189patch set installation archive to a directory that is not the Oracle home directory or under the Oracle home directory.

3. Shutdown oracle database.
export oracle_sid= ORCL
sqlplus /nolog
SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Tue Nov 13 10:49:26 2007
Copyright (c) 1982, 2002, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
SQL> connect sys@ORCL as sysdbaEnter password:Connected.
SQL> SHUTDOWNDatabase closed.Database dismounted.ORACLE instance shut down.

4. Stop all services

4. Backup your database (Just In Case).
Oracle recommends that you create a backup of the Oracle 10g…

Oracle Scripts

Some Oracle Scripts maybe will be useful for all of us :

Reconfigure Oracle EM

Sometimes when you do something wrong  and problems start you need tons of works to recreate what you did ?
But is this mean its impossible to fix it , Oh No
Today i am going to talk about how to reconfigure Oracle enterprise manager using command line :

1- set ORACLE_SID=orcl
2-emca -deconfig dbcontrol db -repos drop
3- You’ll receive the following prompts :

STARTED EMCA at AUG 10,2011 8:26:42 AM EM Configuration Assistant, Version Production Copyright (c) 2003, 2005, Oracle.  All rights reserved.   Enter the following information: Database SID: orcl Listener port number: 1521 Password for SYS user: Password for SYSMAN user: Password for SYSMAN user: Do you wish to continue? [yes(Y)/no(N)]: y

But if you already have Sysman schema the following error will be appear :

CONFIG: ORA-20001: SYSMAN already EXISTS.. ORA-06512: at line 17

4-Drop User Sysman in the following steps (sqlplus /as sysdba)

DROPUSER sysman CASCADE; DROP PUBLIC SYNONYM setemviewusercontext; DROPROLE mgmt_use…

Manually Install/De-Install Database Options in Oracle Database 10gR2


When a new database is created using DBCA, by default some of the common database options are installed like Oracle JVM and Oracle Text. But, when you manually create the database none of them get installed. You need to manually install them. I thought of sharing Metalink Note Id’s for some of the Common Database Options which you can manually install/de-install once database has been created:

Oracle JVM
Note:276554.1 How to Reload the JVM in 10.1.0.X and 10.2.0.X

Oracle Text
Note:280713.1 Manual installation, deinstallation of Oracle Text 10gR1 and 10gR2

Oracle XML DB
Note:243554.1 How to Deinstall and Reinstall XML Database (XDB)

Oracle Multimedia
Installation, Upgrade and Downgrade information can be found in the following Manual: Oracle® interMedia User's Guide 10g Release 2 (10.2) Appendix B Installing and Upgrading Oracle interMedia 

Oracle OLAP
Note:296187.1 How To Manually Install Oracle OLAP into a 9i or 10g Database Af…

Most Beautiful Datacenter i ever seen


This is the first time i put something not related to oracle , but when i saw the professionalization in this work and What human can do ?

i said to myself you must put this picture here to share it with people and network guys maybe they will learn something from this amazing art .

I need to clear my point , we all see Data center or supercomputers But do you think is what you see will be like this :

What you think Now please let me you know your opinion  by your comment ?

Thank you

OC4J issue in Enterprise Manager

Hi Friends, recently i tried to configure Oracle enterprise manager in one of my database and issued below command
$ emctl status dbconsole i got the following ouput
OC4J Configuration issue. /opt/oracle/oracle/product/10.2.0/DB/oc4j/j2ee/OC4J_DBConsole_iss.dk_PAS not found.
Then i found that we need to have a directory in the specified location with specified nameand i found a directory called OC4J_DBConsole. Then i renamed it to OC4J_DBConsole_iss.dk_PAS which solved the issue.
Hope this may help you and in next post i will present different EM commands.
maybe you need to kill the process :

1-ps -ef | grep oc4j
2-Kill -9 PID

Oracle Enterprise Manager Unable to start

Hi All

we gonna talk about Bug in oracle , since its unable to start enterprise manager after run
"emctl start dbconsole"

CONFIG: Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control Release
Copyright (c) 1996, 2007 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
Starting Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control
................................................ failed

This error appear because the SSL certification has been end .
But the question is what can i do ?

Forget Enterprise manager and start using command line

Not just kidding

What if we try to recreate it again ?

emca -config dbcontrol db -repos recreate

STARTED EMCA at Jan 11, 2011 4:11:01 PM
EM Configuration Assistant, Version Production
Copyright (c) 2003, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Enter the following information:
Database unique name: catest
Database Control is already configured for the database catest
You have chosen to configure Database Co…

Oracle Application server 10g unable to start HTTP

Hi all

Today When I was Supporting for some customer , i faces issue in application server 10gthe solution is so simple

Let describe the problem :

when we use

./opmnctl startall

all service is up expect Http_server is down

Check Logs nothing , Check Application server logs nothing

And when you try to shutdown IAS again it will give you :

RCV : Permission denied For first i was thought its permission issue but who can change the permission .

the solution like the following :

On Os

ps -ef | grep oracle

you must find 2 process
Oracle PID $PATH/opmn.d

kill them both
Kill -9 PID
kill -9 PID

After this
./opmnctl startall