Change VIP Addresses

1.Determine the interface used to support your VIP:

 $ ifconfig -a
2.Stop all resources depending on the VIP:

$ srvctl stop instance -d DB -i DB1
$ srvctl stop asm -n node1
# srvctl stop nodeapps -n node1

3.Verify that the VIP is no longer running:

$ ifconfig -a
$ crs_stat
4.Change IP in /etc/hosts and DNS.

5.Modify your VIP address using srvctl:

# srvctl modify nodeapps -n node1 -A
6.Start nodeapps and all resources depending on it:

# srvctl start nodeapps -n node1
7.Repeat from step 1 for the next node.

Thank You 
Osama Mustafa 





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