Oracle VirtualBox

What an amazing tools !!!

I will Start Post Some Topics about this product , its look like VM-Ware for the first time but After you use it for while you will discover new features .

As First Topics About this Product i will start

How to download Oracle Virtual Box (Oracle VM) : 

Enter to Oracle Virtual Box and Choose your Operating System.
After you download the software launch the installer.

How To Create VM On It : 

1-This Screen When you start Oracle VM , Press New 

2-Welcome Screen :

3-Which Operating System you want to Install : 

4-Choose Memory Size for your VM that you want to Create , you Can Increase it Later : 

 5-Virtual Hard Disk , With two Option on this screen , min size 8G : 
  • Create New hard Disk : Create new Vm.
  • Use Existing hard disk : you already Have One .
 5-After Creating Hard Disk , you need to Choose Format 
  • VDI(Virtual Disk Image) Many Operating systems are available for this Type , Worked On Oracle Vm .
  • VMDK(Virtual Machine Disk): For Vmware Products .
  • VHD(Virtual Hard Disk): Represent hard disk Driver (H.D.D) So its maybe Contain what found on Physical HDD  File system , Partitions .
  • HDD(Paralle Hard Disk): Used for Connection Device.
  6-Storage Details :
  • Dyinmcally : Use Space on HDD as its fill up , and it will not be Shrink
  • Fixed : take longer to create on some system , but often Faster to use .

7-Choose location and size for your VM :

8-Summary Screen :

 9- Final Result , Notice that you Must Have Operating system CD to install it after create VM .

Thank you 
Osama Mustafa


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