ORA-1122 :database file %s failed verification check

After trying to make Partation on tables i received the following Error :

ORA-1122 :database file %s failed verification check
ORA-1110 : datafile :
ORA-1207: ORA 1207 file is more recent than control file


1.Mount the database
SQL> Startup mount

2. Save the information from the control file:
SQL> Alter database backup controlfile to trace;

3. Create a control file creation script from the tracefile generated in user_dump_dest.
Use the Noresetlogs option

4. Shutdown the database and start it in NOMOUNT mode

SQL> shutdown abort
SQL> startup nomount

5. Create the control file
6.Recover the database
SQL> recover database;

7. Open the database
SQL> Alter database open;

Thank you
Osama mustafa


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