Check Database Features

Some feature is not enabled in oracle database depend on you version Standard or Enterprise .
You need to know what of these features are enables such as flashback its not enabled in standard

SQL> SELECT Parameter,Value FROM V$OPTION Where Value = 'TRUE';
 PARAMETER                                                        VALUE                                                           
Objects                                                          TRUE                                                            
Connection multiplexing                                          TRUE                                                            
Connection pooling                                               TRUE                                                            
Database queuing                                                 TRUE                                                            
Incremental backup and recovery                                  TRUE                                                            
Instead-of triggers                                              TRUE                                                            
Parallel load                                                    TRUE                                                            
Proxy authentication/authorization                               TRUE                                                            
Plan Stability                                                   TRUE                                                            
Transparent Application Failover                                 TRUE                                                            
Sample Scan                                                      TRUE                                                            
Java                                                             TRUE                                                            
OLAP Window Functions                                            TRUE

The above example was taken for standard database , you can see the features for this database type .

Thank you
Osama Mustafa


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