Flashback data Archive

What Is Flashback Data Archive ?

is has another name called Oracle total Recall , and its ability to track and store all transactional changes to a table over its lifetime.

How Can I Use it ?

Step One

create default flashback archive on an existing tablespace.

Suntax :

create flashback archive  default tablespace retention ;

Example :
 conn / a sysdba
SQL > create flashback archive default Osama tablespace User retention 1 year;

Step Two :

Create Table to Store Information inside it

Conn Osama/Osama
Sql > Create table Store as select * from dba_objects; -- For example 
Step Three:

We Need to enable flash archive on same table by

Sql > alter table Store flashback archive;
-You need to check time by :
select systimestamp from dual;
- Check Created Point By
select timestamp_to_scn(systimestamp) from dual;

The Above is the main Steps To Enable FlashBack data Archive.

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

Example Links :
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