Change Sys Password in Data Gaurd

Sometimes you need to change Sys password which is Simple process in Single Database  , but i f you have Data Guard (Primary , Standby ) Database .

For Some Administration purpose Oracle need Sys password to be identical so if you change Password On Primary you receive Error :

Check that the primary and standby are using a password file and remote_login_passwordfile is set to SHARED or EXCLUSIVE, and that the SYS password is same in the password files.
returning error ORA-16191

This is error appeared because on run alter user sys identified by password on primary Database which is saved in dictionary tables , how to fix

On Standby Run orapwd command
orapwd file=$ORACLE_HOME/dbs/orapwSID password=newpassword;

Always change sys password on both primary and standby to be the same

Osama Mustafa


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