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Connection refused; No available router to destination On Weblogic Node Manager Log

Caused by: t3://exalytic.domain:8001: Destination unreachable; nested exception is:
The Above Error Appear when i was trying to access BPM, the main Cause for this error there's no configuration protocol on SOA Server Which mean No Listening Host.

To Avoid and Solve this error Follow the below Steps :

Access to weblogic Console using Administrator Password.Click on Servers -> Protocols -> Channels like the below screen
Now you have to create new Protocol Click on "Configure a new Network Channel,"with the below confguration  Name: Loopback
Protocol: t3
Listen Address: localhost
Listen Port: 8001 (same as Server Host/port)
Restart The Server and test the connection Again 
Thank you
Osama Mustafa

Steps To Create ODBC Connection in Linux

In this Document i will describe how to create ODBC Connection in Linux Step by Step. I uploaded my document to slideshare as usual you can download it from here.

Thanks for my friend Ilmar Kerm . 

Thank you 
Osama mustafa 

Steps to Create Linux Container

After my last post about Docker Project, i start testing Linux Container but this time for lxc which is another amazing Package and should be used, if you installed and follow my steps in Previous steps here  then you can use lxc command without any suffer of installation :)

lxc stand for Linux Container.

Now i will start to describe how to create container using this command 

You need to know when lxc installed, it's create file under /etc/lxc/ called default.conf this file should contain your network interface name and you need to add it.
[root@OEL6 ~]# cat /etc/lxc/default.conf = veth = docker0 = upSample output for ifconfig command :
docker0   Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:00:00:00:00:00
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
          inet6 addr: fe80::28ce:eeff:fe80:1fc8/64 Scope:Link
          UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:1
          RX packets:17 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0

Enable Docker On Linux

Oracle Linux Released Before 2 week, i already blogged about this and mean while i was testing new features for Oracle Linux 6.5 which is simply amazing i will start writing about it.

Enable Docker , What is the Docker you can check the official Website to take look what i mean by Docker here .

If you tried to install Docker Directly you will get the below error :

[root@OEL6 u01]# rpm -ivh docker-io-0.7.0-14.el6.x86_64.rpm

warning: docker-io-0.7.0-14.el6.x86_64.rpm: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 Signature, key ID 0608b895: NOKEY
error: Failed dependencies:
lxc is needed by docker-io-0.7.0-14.el6.x86_64and if you need to install lxc package :
[root@OEL6 Packages]# rpm -ivh lxc-0.9.0-2.0.5.el6.x86_64.rpm 
warning: lxc-0.9.0-2.0.5.el6.x86_64.rpm: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 Signature, key ID ec551f03: NOKEY
error: Failed dependencies:
libvirt is needed by lxc-0.9.0-2.0.5.el6.x86_64 So Let's Start :
root@OEL6 Packages]# rpm -ivh libvirt-0.10.2-29.0.1.el6.x86_64.rpm 
warning: libvirt-0.10.2-29.0.1.el6.…

Oracle Linux 6.5 released

Oracle Announced the release of Oracle Linux 6.5, The Latest Version Of Oracle Linux, It's only Other Operating System Because this version Contain Some New Features :

Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3Support DTrace.Delivering Better Performance, scalability   and reliability For Companies.New File System : btrfs enable administrators to implement an efficient incremental backup mechanism using file system snapshots. And More Features.
You Can download Oracle Linux 6.5 Here
It will be Available soon On Oracle Software Delivery Here

Change AdminServer Port Using WLST.SH

Sometimes AdminServer not working Regarding to Wrong configuration or using Wrong Port which mean No Console will be available so is this mean delete domain and Configure it again !!!

Absolutely  Not  When you install Weblogic any Version Oracle Provide you with Command Line Utility to administrate weblogic, what you can do it using Console can be done with this tool.

change to weblogic-directory/common/bin
Now follow the below Steps to change port :

wls:/offline> readDomain ('/u01/app/fmw/domains/IDDomains')
wls:/offline/IDDomains> cd ('Server')
wls:/offline/IDDomains/Server> ls ()Choose your Server Herewls:/offline/IDDomains/Server> cd ('AdminServer')
wls:/offline/IDDomains/Server/AdminServer> ls ()Search for Old Port ListenPort wls:/offline/IDDomains/Server/AdminServer> set ('ListenPort',New Port)
wls:/offline/IDDomains/Server/AdminServer> updateDomain ()
wls:/offline/IDDomains/Server/AdminServer> exit () 
Done you can now…

Oracle WebTier On Linux

In this document i will describe how to isntall Oracle WebTier On Linux, As I hope Next Document will describe configuration.

You Can download Document From Here

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

ODI-1545: Missing odi supervisor credentials in credential store map

This Error appear because missing SuperVisor User Credentials, and you need to create it using command, And Since we are working On Oracle_ODI So you have to use from there.

cd /u01/app/fmw/Oracle_ODI1/common/bin
./ and do the below

Jython scans all the jar files it can find at first startup. Depending on the system, this process may take a few minutes to complete, and WLST may not return a prompt right away.

Welcome to WebLogic Server Administration Scripting Shell

Type help() for help on available commands

wls:/offline> connect ('weblogic','welcome1','t3://localhost:7001')  Connecting to t3:// with userid weblogic ...
Successfully connected to Admin Server 'AdminServer' that belongs to domain 'IDDomains'.

Warning: An insecure protocol was used to connect to the
server. To ensure on-the-wire security, the SSL port or
Admin port should be used instead.

wls:/IDDomains/serverConfig> createCred(map="…

API5036: Client version is not compatible with repository version

To Solve this error Follow the below Steps :

Edit /owb/bin/admin/Preference.propertiesAnd set the following parameter :-OverrideRepositoryVersionCheck=trueOverrideRuntimeVersionCheck=true Thank you
Osama Mustafa

Install Oracle EDQ On Oracle Linux 6.4

In This Document I will Show you How to install Oracle Enterprise Data Quality On Oracle Linux 6.4 Operating System.

In old Version Oracle EDQ was no available on Linux Only Windows Operating system as Setup File, But there’s always solution if you want it on Linux you need to use application server in our case weblogic to deploy EDQ on it , some pre requisites need to be done before you do this Please check Document

How To Install EDQ On Linux Using Oracle DB And Apache Tomcat (Doc ID 1462376.1)
Download Document Here

Thank you
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Oracle ODI & SOA Installation

Today I would like to share this document step by step how to install Oracle ODI and SOA On Oracle Linux 6.4.

As Usual I upload it to my slide share account here 

Thank you
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From DBA to Cabling Job

Simple Post, Describe i have been Busy Lately and the work not finished Yet.

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

Oracle Sun Server X3-2 And Exalytics BI

The Hardware delivered to us today and would like to share some pictures for this amazing servers

Failed to create secure socket for OPMN at LocalHost:9501

The Below Error Appear when you enter to the following URL :  http://LocalHost:9704/analytics Failed to create secure socket for OPMN

Change Directory to the to BI instance/Bin Folder and :

[oracle@exalytic bin]$ ./opmnctl stopall
opmnctl stopall: opmn is not running.
[oracle@exalytic bin]$ ./opmnctl startall
opmnctl startall: starting opmn and all managed processes...
[oracle@exalytic bin]$ ./opmnctl status
Processes in Instance: obiee1
ias-component                    | process-type       |     pid | status
coreapplication_obiccs1          | OracleBIClusterCo~ |   19837 | Alive  
coreapplication_obisch1          | OracleBIScheduler~ |       0 | NONE  
coreapplication_obijh1           | OracleBIJavaHostC~ |   19836 | Alive  
coreapplication_obips1           | OracleBIPresentat~ |   19840 …

User Not Able To Drop Even When I killed the session.

Today while i was working on Database trying to Drop user called PRD_MDS the normal error appearing to me :
SQL> drop user PRD_MDS cascade ;
drop user PRD_MDS cascade
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01940: cannot drop a user that is currently connected
Which is very normal error and the first thing you are trying to check is v$session

SQL> select sid,serial# ,username from v$session where username like '%PRD%';
---------- ---------- ------------------------------
       745        821 PRD_MDS SQL> alter system kill session '745,821' immediate ;
System altered.
After this i should be able to drop this user without any problem BUT !!!!

SQL> drop user PRD_MDS ;
drop user PRD_MDS
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01940: cannot drop a user that is currently connected I tried to figure out what is going on , Even i tried alter system kill session 10 times the above error will appear BUT there's always solutions :

SQL> startup force restrict;
ORACLE instanc…

Enable Automatic Memory Management (AMM)

SQL> show parameter target

NAME                                               TYPE        VALUE
------------------------------------ -----------       -------
archive_lag_target                                     integer     0
db_flashback_retention_target                  integer     1440
fast_start_io_target                                   integer     0
fast_start_mttr_target                                integer     0
memory_max_target                                 big integer 26048M
memory_target                                         big integer 0
parallel_servers_target                              integer     2048
pga_aggregate_target                               big integer 6502M
sga_target                                                big integer 19520M SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET MEMORY_MAX_TARGET = 16384M scope=spfile ;
SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET SGA_TARGET = 0 scope=spfile ; System altered.


Lately I was little busy with Lot of work, regarding to this i didn't post anything new within two last week, i would like to apology for all people about this.

And I promise to update the blog with new contents and Documents that will be Useful for everyone.

Thank you 
Osama mustafa 

Create Group using Em12c

Sometimes you need to create Certain group for Enterprise manager to make monitor more easy , sepcially if you have lot of agent and components such as database , Host , application server ... so if you want to manage them individually it will consume time and seems to be impossible.

Enterprise manager provide you with Group Features to combine components, and there's two type :

Target at the same type Target contain different components such as database, Application server , Host.
Check the below screenshot :

From Setup --> Add Target --> Group

you have five tab each one of them contain different parameters, Choose the right option that works with your Work:

After Choose the name for the group you need to add Agents, from search button new popup screen will be open choose which agent type you want.

Another example on Chart tab :

After Create Group :

For More information about Enterprise Manager 12c Group Read Oracle Documentation Here
Thank you  Osama mustafa


I would like to share this article that i found recenly on internet talking about Online Analytic Processing By John Here

Cubes in a data warehouse are stored in three different modes. A relational storage model is called Relational Online Analytical Processing mode or ROLAP, while a Multidimensional Online Analytical processing mode is called MOLAP. When dimensions are stored in a combination of the two modes then it is known as Hybrid Online Analytical Processing mode or HOLAP.


This is the traditional mode in OLAP analysis. In MOLAP data is stored in form of multidimensional cubes and not in relational databases. The advantages of this mode is that it provides excellent query performance and the cubes are built for fast data retrieval. All calculations are pre-generated when the cube is created and can be easily applied while querying data. The disadvantages of this model are that it can handle only a limited amount of data. Since all calculations have been pre-built when the… Error -name=Value

The pack command creates a template archive (.jar) file that contains a snapshot of either an entire domain or a subset of a domain. You can use a template that contains a subset of a domain to create a Managed Server domain directory hierarchy on a remote machine.

The unpack command Creates a full domain or a subset of a domain used for a Managed Server domain directory on a remote machine. You may use unpack only with a template compatible with your current installation. The template can be any of the following:

 A domain template provided by BEA and packaged with your current installation A domain template created using the Domain Template Builder or WLST Offline A domain template created using the pack command A Managed Server template created using the pack command. A Managed Server template, by default, contains only the files necessary for creating a Managed Server domain directory. You Can Check Oracle Documentation here for more information about the above commands.

When Trying …

Start Managed Server Failed With "Access not allowed for subject: principals=[]"

When Trying to Start Managed Server From Admin Console it's Failed with

" Access not allowed for subject: principals=[], on ResourceType: Application Action: write, Target: Deployed"

After Check Everything and Configuration i found the following :

My Admin Server Already have More than one managed Server : SOA, ODI , BAM.SOA and ODI Using the Same Port which is 8001 Which caused Conflict.
I Changed SOA Port to Work On 8003 From Admin Server Console. Like the Below

Managed Server BI_Server Unable To Start After Create Node manager Service

Problem Description :

After Install Weblogic and BI On Windows, And Create Admin Server as Services BI_server unable to start, Node manager Created Service Created Without Any Error.

Cause & Solution : 

After Investigation I found Class Path is too Long So what i did like the following, Edit installSVC.cmd To set Classpath  to be Short

you will find the below line in the InstallSvc.cmd all you have to do is change it to be like Line in Red Color :

@echo off


if "%ADMIN_URL%" == "" goto runAdmin
@echo on
-classpath @%USERDOMAIN_HOME%\ 
-Dweblogic.ProductionModeEnabled=%PRODUCTION_MODE%\"%WL_HOME%\server\lib\weblogic.policy\" weblogic.Server"

goto finish

Thank you
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Social media Information

This is Post will be Short and Simple , I Only Wants To Share My Social Media Information

Twitter Here
Linkedin Here

If you need Any Help you find me in the above Social Media

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Are we in the Cloud

What is The Cloud Computing ? Are We in the Cloud ? Where Can I Find it ? Simple Question but It's has been asked a lot.

Simply Cloud Computing Storing and accessing Data and programs Using Over Internet instead of Local Computer.

I Found the Below Chart on the internet and it's The Best Describe for the cloud "Source Cloud For Dummies" :

Cloud is the next Stage for everything, Because it can be defined as set of hardware,Platforms , Databases, Networking it will safe lot of money for the companies.

Check the below video :

You need to know some  Definition you will heard when we are talking about Cloud:
Xaas is Term said for number of things "X as a Services" / " Anything as a Services"

The Most Common Examples on the above :

DBaas : Database as a Service.Paas : Platform as a Service.SaaS : Software as a Service/Storage as a Service.IaaS : Infrastructure as a Service.Caas : Communication as Service.Naas : Network as Service.
It's New Future.

Install Oracle Access manager Webgate on windows

It's Straight forward steps just the the document and no need to do anything else.

You can download document from Here.

Thank you
Osama mustafa

Oracle SOA Installation on Solaris 11.1

Another Post Describe how to install Oracle SOA, Steo by Step To Install Oracle SOA and Extend Admin Server.

As Usual you can download this document From SlideShare.

Download Document Here.

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

Oracle Business Intelligence Installation

Before start describes steps, I would like to share some notes: Extend Weblogic Server will not work ( server should be added first before any managed server otherwise AdminServer will corrupted.If you already have AdminServer configured you can created new BI Domain, Or backup your AdminServerdomain and Reconfigure again.

The above notes are useful and must be considered before installing Oracle BI.
You can download the document from Here
Thank you
Osama Mustafa

RAC Attack Survey

Count Down is already started, Less than 10 days to Oracle Open World 2013, Sessions, Groups and Discussions/Panel , but this year will be different, as we all know Oracle Database 12c has been released in July some of us got some time to test and work on it. Database and advance Features such as Real Application Cluster (RAC).

Don't Worry you didn't mess you chance yet. This Year specifically in Oracle Open World 2013 You will have chance to test Oracle Real Application Cluster on your Own Laptop, Created by yourself, and it will not take that much time, learn the steps and have chance to be DBA.

RACATTACK events Created by Volunteers

you can know more about this event here, Join us and Learn Something New and Meet the Oracle Guru, it will be nice to see everybody there.
Complete this Survey Please Here
Thank you  Osama Mustafa

Step by Step Configure SSO Using Oracle Fusion Middle-ware

I would like to share this document , which is describe step by step dealing with :

WebLogicOracle Internet DirectoryOracle Content ServerOracle Access manager  Every thing mentioned with Installation &  Configuration Steps.

I tried To make it simple as i can, Included with Screen Shots ,Step By Step how to install The above Oracle Products and how to configure them to prepare your application for Single-Sing-On 
Please if you would like to share this document ask me before.
You can View and Download the Document from Here

Thank you  Osama mustafa

SIEBEL odbcsql Unable to Connect

Logging into "SBA_81_DSN" as "SADMIN" ...
ODBC error 81 in SQLConnect:
523 72
(native error 0).
Unable to login using specified ODBC parameters. The above error appear when you are trying to run the below command:
odbcsql /s SIEBEL8_DSN /u sadmin /p sadmin
Solutions :

Make sure the you set TNS_ADMIN in .profile or .bash_profile , TNS_ADMIN Should be Directed to Client32 bit , Copy tnsnames.ora from Database home to Client32

it will be like the following :

export TNS_ADMIN=/u01/app/oracle/instanctclient32/

Thank you
Osama mustafa

Segmentation Fault(coredump) when Trying to Start Siebel Server

Today i was working with SIEBEL On Solaris , And as usually it was working without any issue , after modified images on SIEBEL as Oracle Support Document

Images Files on Screen Tabs Required for High Interactivity Clients in Innovation Pack 2012 (Doc ID 1511448.1).

But when i tried to start SIEBEL Server the below errors appear :

/u01/app/siebel/ line 212: 6488: Memory fault(coredump)  it's confusing because SIEBEL was working without any problem, After tried more than one solution i would like to share the below Solution ( at least it's works for me)


you will find File called osdf_ENTERPRISE_NAME

This file Will be Read by SIEBEL when you trying to start_server and if doesn't exists it will recreate it again.

 Delete this file and try to start Siebel Server Again using
start_server ALL
Thank you
Osama Mustafa

Step by Step to Install Oracle Grid on Solaris SPARC 11.1

In this article i will show step by step how to install oracle Grid Infrastructure on Solaris 11.1.

You can Download or view document from SlideShare Here

Thank you
Osama mustafa

Oracle Open World 2013 Rac Attack

So If you attending this year to Oracle Open World 2013 Don't Forget To Pass by :) and Create your RAC 12c on your Personal laptop.

Thank you
Osama mustafa

Officaly DBvisit Partner

After Testing DbVisit Product and Post about it Here, I Didn't Stop There Because This Product Gives lot of Benefits and Easy To Manage.  You Don't Need to Become DBA to manage it.

The Most Important Thing in Any Products as i see Support Part Because Any Software in this World will Generate New errors you don't know anything about it. DbVisit Provide you with Support Team Response on you As Soon As Possible with Answers.

DbVisit Solutions Is not expensive if you want to compare with Other Software Proof on this my friend Steve Karam Write Blog here talking About License Here With Examples on Prices.

Finally I am Proud to be DbVisit Gold Partner In Jordan And Covering Middle East Region.

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

Mount NFS Device Is Busy

This Error Appear On Solaris when you try to mount filesystem :

mount -F nfs IP:/export/home/oracle/test /export/home/oracle/test

Output :
nfs mount: mount: /export/home/oracle/test : Device busy

Check why it's Busy using :
fuser -u /export/home/oracle/test /export/home/oracle/test :     1432c(oracle)
Kill the process :

kill - 9 1432 
Thank you
Osama mustafa

New Online Security Course By Expert

Today On Social Media , I read the Following :
"I am going to run our "How to perform an audit of an Oracle database" online in the second week of October. Please email me at pete at petefinnigan dot com for details or to register. There are limited places still available so first come first served"
So Please For More Information Contact Pete Finnigan Also Visit His Blog Here
Thank you  Osama Mustafa

Step By Step to Restore RMAN to New Host

Old Topics But Always Good To share , Find Below the Links for Steps to Restore RMAN to New Host

Step by Step Restore RMAN to New Host Here

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

WebLogic Error BEA-141281

This Solutions for this errors :
Change Directory to Domain directory

cd /u01/app/oracle/domains/IDMDomain/servers/AdminServer  if you have lock you will find folder called  tmp
rm -rf AdminServer.lok
 Thank you
Osama mustafa

New Slideshare Document ( EnterPrise manager 12c )

Upload New Documents to my SlideShare Account :

Add target manually em12c HereConfigure email notification and incidents rule  HereDeploy Agent in Em12c Here Thank you
Osama Mustafa

Clone Pluggable Database

If you want to Clone One Of Pluggable database , How can you do that :

SQL> select name from v$pdbs ;
TEST_2Let's Clone Test_1 , Create folder on os level to move test_1 data. 
[oracle@test12c u01]$ mkdir clone
[oracle@test12c u01]$ cd clone/
[oracle@test12c clone]$ pwd
/u01/cloneOpen Test_1 Read Only :  SQL> alter pluggable database test_1 close immediate;Pluggable database altered.SQL> alter pluggable database test_1 open read only ;Pluggable database altered.Set this parameter to our created directory above :  SQL> show parameter db_create_file_dest ;
------------------------------------ -----------
db_create_file_dest     string
SQL> alter system set db_create_file_dest='/u01/clone';             System altered. SQL> show parameter db_create_file_dest ;
------------------------------------ -----------
db_create_file_dest     string /u01/cloneSQL> create pluggable…

Point-In-Time Recovery for a Pluggable Database

Check Pluggable database that you have :
SQL> select name from v$pdbs ;
TEST_3 Shutdown database , to configure database archivelog
SQL> shutdown immediate ; Database closed.
Database dismounted.
ORACLE instance shut down.
SQL> startup mount ;  ORACLE instance started. Total System Global Area 1252663296 bytes
Fixed Size    2287864 bytes
Variable Size  838862600 bytes
Database Buffers  402653184 bytes
Redo Buffers    8859648 bytes
Database mounted.SQL> alter database archivelog ; Database altered.
SQL> alter database open  Database altered.
SQL> alter pluggable database all open; Pluggable database altered.
SQL> alter system set db_recovery_file_dest_size = 2G scope=both; System altered.
SQL> alter pluggable database all open; Pluggable database altered. Export ORACLE_SID for container database and enter rman to backup  like below

[oracle@test12c backup]$ export ORACLE_SID=db12c
[oracle@test12c backup]$ rman …

Adopting NON-CDB to CBD

This article describe steps to Adopt non-container database 12c to container 12c 
[oracle@test12c Desktop]$ ps -ef | grep pmon oracle    3230     1  0 04:04 ?        00:00:09 ora_pmon_db12c
oracle   12112     1  0 08:20 ?        00:00:07 ora_pmon_NonCDB
oracle   29621  3203  0 18:47 pts/1    00:00:00 grep pmon Where : db12c : Container database NonCDB : Non Container Database
Let Start
[oracle@test12c Desktop]$ export ORACLE_SID=NonCDB
SQL> select instance_name from v$instance ;
SQL> shutdown immediate ;
Database closed.
Database dismounted.
ORACLE instance shut down.
SQL> startup mount exclusive
ORACLE instance started.
Total System Global Area  939495424 bytes
Fixed Size    2295080 bytes
Variable Size  348130008 bytes
Database Buffers  583008256 bytes
Redo Buffers    6062080 bytes
Database mounted.
SQL> alter database open read only; Database altered. Run the below procedure to generate the manifest file. 
SQL> exec dbms_pdb.describe(pdb_descr_fi…

Oracle Database 12c Architecture

I want to share the below picture , describe Database 12c Architecture 

For the Better Resolution please follow This Link
Thank you
Osama mustafa

Pluggable Database Part (3)

Since Pluggable Database is New Topic to post about , I Cannot post Everything in One Post so i decide to do it as tutorial and this one part (3) , every Topics uploaded Here on my blog or on my Account on Shareslide here.

In This topic :

How to unplug database.Plugging Database to another Container Database.
Let's Start :
SQL> select name, con_id from v$active_services ;
NAME         CON_ID
--------------------------------- ----------
new2  4
new  3
db12cXDB  1
db12c  1
SYS$USERS  1 as you see i already create two pluggable database new,new2 and now :
SQL> alter pluggable database new close immediate ; Pluggable database altered.SQL> alter pluggable database new2 close immediate ;
Pluggable database altered. Unplug database included with xml file :
SQL> alter pluggable database new unplug into '/u01/app/oracle/oradata/new.xml';Pluggable database altered.
SQL> alter pluggable database new2 unplug into '/u01/app/oracle/oradata/new_2.xml';P…

Pluggable Database Tutorial (12c) Part 2

In my Part 1 Tutorial for how to deal with Pluggable database 12c I mentioned how to use pluggable database , How to create pluggable database , how to create tablespace , and how to open/close pluggable database .

Please check the Part ( 1 ) before continue reading this article here.

Welcome to Pluggable database Part 2 

Rename Pluggable Database Manage Pluggable databaseDrop Pluggable databaseSecurity In Pluggable database

SQL> select name, con_id from v$active_services order by 1;

----------------------------- ----------

as you see in the above query, I already created pluggable database called test. and it's in Read write Mode.
Rename Pluggable database 
SQL> alter pluggable database TEST close immediate ;Pluggable database altered. SQL> alter pluggable database TEST open restricted ;Pluggable database altered.SQL> select name, open_mode from v$pdbs;
NAME               OPEN_MODE
------------------------------ ----------