Stage Oracle EBS R12

in this article i will clarfiy how to download Oracle EBS R12 and learn how to stage this product.

Let's start with how to download Oracle EBS R12 :

Step 1 : Go to
Step 2 : Enter Your UserName and Password to get acces to this site, and you also register for free.
Step 3 : in this step you have to select which product you need in our case "E-Business Suite" and platform compatiable with EBS , Windows, Linux , AiX and Solaris.
Step 4 : we need to download all the zip files belonging to the following parts:

  1. Rapid Install Start Here
  2. Rapid Install RDBMS
  3. Rapid Install Databases
  4. Rapid Install Tools
  5. Rapid Install APPL_TOP
Staging Oracle EBS is Easy & Simple

  1. By Creating Stage Directory , and make sure you have enough space on that direcoty , copy download file to stage folder, and exetation for downloadable files "zip".
  2. Unzip the files and in this case you will have Stage area for EBS.
Documet Dowload Here.
Thank you
Osama mustafa



  1. Its very tough to share unique information and quality content, Really you've done the great job! Thanks for sharing the unique information on R12 Implementation...


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