the countdown is start, 10 days until the biggest event COLLABORATE 13 from April 7-11 this event allow you to connect oracle user community.

As we All know "Knowledge is power" and it's time to register to increase your knowledge,different topics and all you question will be answered.

If you have any question about registration you can ask using on the social media Here.

Remember if you cannot attend to the COL13 then it's your time to register online.

Register Here

The main conference Twitter hashtag is #C13DEN.

Other Twitter Tips:
  • Use hashtags as often as you can, but be aware they count towards the 140-character limit
  • When listing a session in your tweet, refer to it by the session ID. 
  • Retweet tweets that you find useful or insightful, or that you think your Twitter following will enjoy

Thank you
Osama Mustafa


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