Allow users Login Solaris 11

Solaris 11 is the most amazing Platform that you can deal with , Specially if you want to install any Oracle products. you don't need to check anything before install.

By default root login on solaris disabled and you cannot login as root. ( which is amazing for security ) but sometimes you need to enable this login and to do that follow the below steps :

  • after login to privileged  user can access on Solaris switch user to root.
  • vi etc/user_attr

# The system provided entries are stored in different files
# under "/etc/user_attr.d".  They should not be copied to this file.
# Only local changes should be stored in this file.
# This line should be kept in this file or it will be overwritten.
type should be normal.

and to enable SSH for root user you have to do the following :

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
PermitRootLogin = yes
vi /etc/default/login
#CONSOLE =/dev/login|console
rolemod -K type=normal root

Thank you
Osama mustafa


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