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Managed Server ERROR: transport error 202: bind failed: Address already in use

ERROR: transport error 202: bind failed: Address already in use
ERROR: JDWP Transport dt_socket failed to initialize, TRANSPORT_INIT(510)
JDWP exit error AGENT_ERROR_TRANSPORT_INIT(197): No transports initialized [../../../src/share/back/debugInit.c:750] This Error Appeared when trying to start Managed server the Log Shown the above error, which already clear, in my case i have 2 managed server SOA and OSB in the same AdminServer each of them trying to access on the same PID process using Node Manager to solve this issue please follow the below steps.
Solutions :-
Inside Domain Path for example /u01/app/fmw/domains/Base_domain/binEdit and search for the below :- if [ "${DEBUG_PORT}" = "" ] ; then
        export DEBUG_PORT
fi if [ "${SERVER_NAME}" = "" ] ; then
        export SERVER_NAME
 Add New Lines under the above to contain server name and available DEBU…

Oracle Solaris 11.2 Launch On 29/04

Today 29/04/2014 Oracle Launched new version of operating system Solaris 11.2, This Version will contain significant Features and it's fully supported for Cloud

Some of the new features :-

Reduce management effort via OpenStack integrationFurther increase the flexibility of Solaris system virtualizationAdd unique software-defined networking (SDN) capabilitiesSimplify the creation of private and public clouds
The Link for the Event Here.

Thank you  Osama mustafa

Oracle Linux 7 First Look Installation

Since My Last Post about Oracle Linux 7 Beta, Today i am posing about Oracle Linux 7 First Look
( Installation Part ) , You can Download and Check the Document Here.

Thank you
Osama mustafa

Oracle Linux 7 Beta Released

Oracle has announced that the initial beta build of Oracle Linux 7.0,a distribution built from source for
Red Hat and enhanced with an "unbreakable" Linux kernel and now it's Ready for your Testing.

RHEL 7 Will now format drives with the XFS filesystem by default.enabling volumes of up to 500TB in size. if you prefer the older ext4 filesystem it's now supports 50TB volumes. improves support for large-scale enterprise storage arrays.provides new tools for managing heterogeneous storage.New Version of SAMBA 4.1. You Can Download it From Here.
Thank you Osama mustafa

NQSError 46036 Oracle BI Administration Tools Client

when trying to open oracle bi administration tool client, You can download oracle bi administration tool client from here.

Cause :-

Most probably this error related to version mismatch between OBIEE Server and Administration Tool Client in my case OBIEE Version and Administration Tool client

Solution :-

1- Download Upgrade Patch 17530796 From depend on operating system
2- Patch contain multiple file search for this one :-
3- inside this zip file browse
17463403\files\clients\biserver\ 4- you will find two files biee_client_install_x64.exe Or biee_client_install.exe depend on version.
5- Install One of this file to upgrade Administration tools, Use Repair Option.

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

No Backup !!! Think Again

While I was drinking my coffee yesterday in the office, A Customer Called me complaining that Non Production Database Is not working and Database Administrator quit his job without any Handover the situation was so creepy, This database hold Fusion middleware Repository and configuration, The development team use it before deploy anything on Production Database ( No Backup configured !!!! ),  

Trying to Recover Database and Open it with Resetlogs will lead to this error :-

ORA-01547: warning: RECOVER succeeded but OPEN RESETLOGS would get error below
ORA-01194: file 1 needs more recovery to be consistent
ORA-01110: data file 1: '/u01/app/oracle/oradata/NPDB/system01.dbf'

This Error is only apart of the problem, To solve it :-

Recover database using file name (Redolog) to get the current filename :-

SQL > Startup mount ; SQL > select member from v$logfile lf , v$log l where l.status='CURRENT' and;

Configure PHP With Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)

Regarding to Oracle Documentation :-

Oracle HTTP Server is the web server component in Oracle Fusion Middleware. Based on the Apache infrastructure, Oracle HTTP Server allows developers to program their site in a variety of languages and technologies.

PHP (recursive acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor") is a general-purpose scripting language often used for generating web sites. The object model of PHP 5 facilitates project development using standard object-oriented methodologies.

To Configure PHP with Oracle OHS Follow the below steps :-

Step #1:-

export ORACLE_HOME=/Siebel/ohs/Middleware/Oracle_WT1/
export ORACLE_INSTANCE=/Siebel/ohs/Middleware/Oracle_WT1/instances/instance1/
export CONFIG_FILE_PATH=/Siebel/ohs/Middleware/Oracle_WT1/instances/instance1/config/OHS/ohs1/

Step #2:

Download PHP From here.
Upload the file to the server ( should be on the same OHS Server).

gunzip php-5.4.27.tar.gz
tar -xvf php-5.4.27.tar
cd /Siebel/php-5.4.27Note :-
I Used this version becaus…

Flush Linux Buffer Cache

Cache is used to keep data to use frequently by operating system,  But sometimes memory is getting low linux provide some memory Command line to monitor Memory status Check the below link :-

1- Linux Check Memory Usage Here.
2- 18 Command Line Tools to Monitor Linux Performance here.

There are options available to flush cache of linux memeory :-

Flush everything ( Pagecache, dentries and inodes )  :-  sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches.Flash dentries and inodes :-

 sync; echo 2 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_cachesFlash PageCache only

sync; echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
All the command should be Run As root.

Schudle the above command as job using crontab , choose from the above command what you need :-

0  *  *  *  *  /root/

Memorysh --> should be contain one the above script run as root.

Thank you
Osama mustafa

Unable to Determine Console Port when Trying to Run emctl start iasconsole

The Situation for me like this, Database version, Real Application Cluster two nodes, Enterprise manager working and configured without any problem,
emctl start dbcsonole  Working without any errors, metrics collected, but when trying to run
emctl start iasconsole Or
emctl istart iasconsole   The Error " Unable to determine console port, default-web-site.xml : no such file or directory"

The File is exists, and configured to run oc4j on port 8888, http://hostname:888/em not working with error "iasconsole service should be stopped". Weird !!!!!

 Operating system Oracle Linux 64bit, After investigation i discovered that binary/files for oc4j in ORACLE_HOME was corrupted and not working correctly however this is what i did to fix this error :-

First Download from here, this zip file contain same directory files ( xml,config ) in oc4j ($ORACLE_HOME/oc4j) so extract this file inside this path, if oc4j not exist create one and extract the zip fil…