ORA-01031: insufficient privileges On ASM - Grid Infrastructure 11gR2

Today like any other day started with customer call , Telling me There is problem on Grid infrastructure after restarting both node, They change heartbeat from cables to connected on switch after i told them to do this.

The Error in the logs like the  below :-
CRS-5011:Check of resource "+ASM" failed: details at "(:CLSN00006:)"

Node #2 was running without any problem , the issue was with node #1 and nothing changed recently.

The Error in Node #1 :-

crsctl start cluster
PRCR-1079 : Failed to start resource ora.asm
ORA-01031: insufficient privileges
CRS-5017: The resource action "ora.asm start" encountered the following error:
ORA-01031: insufficient privileges
. For details refer to "(:CLSN00107:)" in "/u01/app/grid/".
as you see from the above error "ORA-01031: insufficient privileges" i was running this command as root.
After check node #1 the solution so simple :-

Under $GRID_HOME/network/admin
vi sqlnet.ora


which is wrong and to be changed to the following value :-


Reboot Node #1 and everything running successfully.

Thank you
Osama mustafa


  1. Hi Osama,

    Changes in sqlnet.ora requires reboot?


    1. absolutely Not, but in my case i only reboot just to test clusterware if it's started with OS Automatically because i didn't know anything about changes on the environment. :)

    2. Thanks :) Hope you tried starting the cluster after changing the parameter in sqlnet.ora, before the reboot (to test the automatic cluster start up).

  2. INFO: Read: Configuring ASM failed with the following message:
    INFO: Read: Configuring HA resource failed. The following error occured:
    INFO: Read: PRCR-1079 : Failed to start resource ora.asm
    INFO: Read: CRS-5017: The resource action "ora.asm start" encountered the following error:
    INFO: Read: ORA-00119: invalid specification for system parameter LOCAL_LISTENER
    INFO: Read: ORA-00132: syntax error or unresolved network name 'LISTENER_+ASM'

    How would i solve above?


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