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2014 Achievement as an Oracle ACE

2014 is almost finished , new year will starting soon usually i don't list what i have done, but there is always start point for everything. it was very busy year on all level : Personal, Work and as oracle ACE.

One of the major achievement for me this year is created and lead Jordan Amman Oracle User group which is the first Oracle Group in Jordan and I am working now to organize next event for this group and this is taking most of time now.

The 2014 Summary :-

Let's Start with Conference :-

Dublin Conference.Dubai Conference.OTN Mena Tour.Dublin Again :) Oracle open World.New Zealand. Sure during most of these conferences i was organizing RAC ATTACK Event around the world and simply it successful year for this amazing event.
Don't forget the webinar as well. 
I have to mention One of the most amazing event all the time which is oracle open world, This is was my first time in SF OOW I met most of the people in oracle community i will try to mention all of them but i am sor…

Fusion Middleware Attack

New Idea, New Concept It's always nice to learn something new in next event, this time i create new attack called Oracle Fusion middleware attack or Short name "OFM ATTACK" that allow people to interact and learn more about oracle fusion middleware.

if you are interseted in this attack please contact me by leaving comment " Your name and Email Address" and i will contact you back to volunteer in this attack,

Thank You

osama mustafa

Oracle DBA Scripts

I Published Some Scripts that every DBA Needs, these Scripts available for everyone, I used GitHub to Upload the scripts, this Blog post will be updated and will contains new scripts.

The Scripts Here.

Osama ....

Jordan Amman Oracle User Group

Jordan "officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan" Capital Is Amman, More Here.
I have been working to create group for something i love ORACLE, and now it's officially created, the idea behind the group is so simple will let the member sharing their knowledge and ideas about oracle, answering their question and let them know more about oracle technology.
There is no condition to join this group Anyone is welcome to Join us.
The Website will be officially published Soon. you can Like Us On Facebook Page here


Linux : Cannot Access .... Input/output error

/bin/ls: reading directory .: Input/output error
total 0
The above error indicate that i cannot access to the specific file on Linux, Delete not working. with root user as well.
so the error is not a problem to delete files, it's a problem about the file system itself and/or an hardware problem, but before announce that it's hardware issue :) try the below solution :-

 Option #1:-

use command dmesg.

(display message or driver message) is a command on most Linux- and Unix-based operating systems that prints the message buffer of the kernel. Read about that command here

Option #2 ( worked for me)

Use Fsck command to detect filesystem error and fix it.

How !!!

 First Umount File system ( that file located ). Using Umount command if it's not able to un mount the file system use lsof command or fuser to check which user using this the fsck -y /dev/................. mount file system again. Fsck Command here
Osama ...