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Configure E-mail For Oracle Enterprise manager DB 11gR2

Sometimes you will be not be able to check the database out of the office, sick ....

Regarding to oracle documentation :-

The notification system allows you to notify Enterprise Manager administrators of alerts, policy violations, and the status changes of job executions. In addition to notifying administrators, the notification system can perform actions such as executing operating system commands (including scripts) and PL/SQL procedures when an alert is triggered.

Before Enterprise Manager can send e-mail notifications, you must first specify the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) servers to be used by the notification system. Once set, you can then define e-mail notifications for yourself or, if you have Super Administrator privileges, you can also define notifications for other Enterprise Manager administrators.

For More about E-Mail Notification Read here.

If everything is ready please follow the screen shot :-

Welcome Screen/Login Page

The Main Page, Click On preference on Upper Right :-

Error in invoking target 'rat_on part_on dm_on olap_on sdo_on'

Today while i was browsing on Oracle Fourms i found Threads related to 11gR2 Installation , the OP faced an error like the below :-

The above error related to Space On Temp File system all you have to do make sure that there is enough space on temp ( tmp ) or use the below command :-

export TMP=/u01/Foldername
export TMPDIR=/u01/Foldername
Try again now

Osama .. &

Oracle 11gR2 RAC Grid install includes a useful script that can be used to make your life easier no more copying and waiting for errors the above scripts will make your easier simply.


useful script to establish and exchange ssh keys between all the nodes of the cluster called

And Can Be Used like the below :-

./ -user oracle -hosts "node1 node2" -noPromptPassphrase
./ -user grid   -hosts "node1 node2" -noPromptPassphrase


Cluster Verification Utility

Regarding to Oracle documentation :-

"performs system checks in preparation for installation, patch updates, or other system changes. Using CVU ensures that you have completed the required system configuration and preinstallation steps so that your Oracle Grid Infrastructure or Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) installation, update, or patch operation completes successfully."

you can learn More Here

Example :-

How to apply new patch on siebel

In this post i will describe how to patch Siebel CRM Version

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Osama Mustafa

J2EE User Management Using DataWarehouse Builder

In this Document i explained how to Start and Create Control center management ( OC4J ) using Data Ware House Builder.

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Osama Mustafa

Refresh Development From Production

In this Post i Created document that contain step by step how to refresh Development/Test/UAT From Production database.

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