Oracle 11gR2 RAC Grid install includes a useful script that can be used to make your life easier no more copying and waiting for errors the above scripts will make your easier simply.


useful script to establish and exchange ssh keys between all the nodes of the cluster called

And Can Be Used like the below :-

./ -user oracle -hosts "node1 node2" -noPromptPassphrase
./ -user grid   -hosts "node1 node2" -noPromptPassphrase


Cluster Verification Utility

Regarding to Oracle documentation :-

"performs system checks in preparation for installation, patch updates, or other system changes. Using CVU ensures that you have completed the required system configuration and preinstallation steps so that your Oracle Grid Infrastructure or Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) installation, update, or patch operation completes successfully."

you can learn More Here

Example :-
./ stage -pre crsinst -n  node1,node -fixup -verbose


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