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Presentation will be

There is no much left for 2015 but there is too much work waiting me, presenting in different country means a lot of work and preparation, i am still waiting different events but till now this is confirmed:-

SIOUG2015 -- Located In Slovenia.HROUG2015 -- Located in Croatia OOW15 -- Located in SF, USAUKOUG TECH15 -- Located in UK.
So Excited.

Osama Mustafa

Database Certified with EBS 12.2

After Waiting too long finally I can upgrade my Oracle EBS Database ,Regarding to Oracle Blog "Database Certified with EBS 12.2".

You can Read more about this here


sorting algorithm

I have to share this Picture which is really amazing and include all the sorting algorithm in one picture 


create IPS repository in Solaris 11.2

I discussed before how to create package repository on Linux here, the same could be happened on Solaris 11.2 when you install Database any version mandatory packages should be installed to make it easy repository helps you a lot and will be available any time you need, and Image packaging system(IPS) repository is one of the important things in Solaris 11 onwards.

You need to download the following files & upload them to the server :-

Once the file is ready upload them to the server under one file called Repo for example. it should looks like the below :-
#ls -lrt
total 14373947
-rwx------   1 root     root     1771800121 Aug  9 08:24
-rwx------   1 root     root     1889867782 Aug  9 11:20
-rwx------   1 root     root     1902167161 Aug  9 22:34
-rwx------   1 root     root     1790358735 Aug 10 00:16
-rwx------   1 root     root        5594 Aug 10 20:16 install-repo.ksh
-rwx------   1 root     …

Use "sudo" Command without password Prompt

Sometimes you need to run Linux command without password prompt using sudo command.

to learn more about this command read the link here.

For Example i need to run the following command without password prompt, However there are three sudo commands I want to run without entering password:

sudo rebootsudo shutdown -r nowsudo shutdown -P now
to do this follow the below steps :-
edit the following /etc/sudoers find the following lines depend on the username and hostname for the server. user host = (root) NOPASSWD: /sbin/shutdown
user host = (root) NOPASSWD: /sbin/reboot
This will allow the user user to run the desired commands on host without entering a password. All other sudoed commands will still require a password.


Always use the command visudo to edit the sudoers file to make sure you do not lock yourself out of the system for example  sudo visudo -f /etc/sudoers.d/shutdownUsing /etc/sudoers.d instead of modifying /etc/sudoers, you could add the two lines to a new file in…

/usr/ccs/bin/as: not found/No such file or directory on Solaris 11.2

While trying to install Oracle Database 12c on Solaris 11.2 the i faced the following the errors in the logs and dbca was unable to start :-

INFO: sh[2]: /usr/ccs/bin/as: not found [No such file or directory]
INFO: make: Fatal error:
INFO: *** Error code 127

The package developer/assembler comes with default installation, But  Solaris 11 package developer/assembler is not installed.

To install it: -

pkg install developer/assembler

and try again.