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DBMS_REDEFINITION to create partition for existing table

to do this oracle provide you with package called DBMS_REDEFINITION for more information about it here

In this post i will show you how to partition existing table for SIEBEL application which is my case holding huge number of records.

Create the same structure for the original table but without any constraint just columns like the below with new name and sure choose the partition you want to use, in case any of the constraint has been created on the new table , error will be generated while the package running and you should recreate the table again without any constraint :-
  ROW_ID                         VARCHAR2(15 CHAR)  ,
  CREATED                        DATE           DEFAULT sysdate                ,
  CREATED_BY                     VARCHAR2(15 CHAR)  ,
  LAST_UPD                       DATE           DEFAULT sysdate                ,
  LAST_UPD_BY                    VARCHAR2(15 CHAR)  ,
  MODIFICATION_NUM               NUMBER(10)     DEFAULT 0  …

Kill Datapump job that running inside Database

even if you interrupt data bump job on shell therefore you have to do the following :-

as / as sysdba run the below query :

select * from dba_datapump_jobs

After checking the status of each one,

run the following :-


Oracle Data Integrator repository is not accessible.

When trying to access to the http://hostname:9704/biacm

the following warning appeared on the Dashboard :-

Oracle Data Integrator repository is not accessible.

Possible causes:

Bad user credentials and/or type of Authentication. Incorrect Database connection configuration from WLS to ODI DB Repositories. OBIA 11g: BIACM - Unable To Access Oracle Data Integrator Repository. You Will Not Be Able Generate Or Execute (Doc ID 2115096.1)

Solution :-

Login to ODI Studio with a Supervisor user and in the ODI Security, open the user used to login to BIACM and the one with the problem with accessing ODI. Select the Retrieve GUID button and select the Supervisor check box, if not already done.

If this 'Retrieve GUID' button is not present, then the ODI Repository Authentication has been changed to "internal", meaning that it is not anymore as the OBIA out of the box installation configures it, where the users are managed by the WLS LDAP. This is not to be confused with external…

OBIEE Oracle Support Notes - Useful One.

A list of Information Centers:

Note 1378677.2 - Information Center: Enterprise Performance Management and BI Index (EPM/BI)Note 1349989.2 - Information Center: Installing and Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Release 10g and LaterNote 1349996.2 - Information Center: Optimizing Performance for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Release 10g and LaterNote 1349983.2 - Information Center: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Release 10g and LaterNote 1350005.2 - Information Center: Security Information for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Release 10g and Later

List of Notes that may be useful :-

Note 1210310.1 - Master Note for Answers and Dashboards Issues in OBIEE
Note 1292894.1 - Master Note for BI Publisher Issues in OBIEE
Note 1292859.1 - Master Note for Briefing Book Issues in OBIEE
Note 1292904.1 - Master Note for Cache Issues in OBIEE
Note 1292936.1 - Master Note for Clustering Issues in OBIEE
Note 1293348.1 - M…