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Oracle 12.2 is Now Available on E-delivery

Oracle Just Announced the availability of Oracle database 12cR2 Exadata/SuperCluster On their website, In Case you want to upgrade :)

You can download oracle Enterprise edition 12cR2 from Oracle Edelivery Here 

Follow the steps :-


Oracle Database 12cR2 Documentation is here

Finally Oracle 12cR2 documentation is here

also All Books for Oracle® Database Online is here 
Cheers Osama 

Import One table to the new name in the same schema

The following case just want to share it in case anyone need it, development wants to import the existing table in the siebel schema into the new name to check the data integrity:-

Oracle Provide you with Attribute called REMAP_TABLE Read More about it here.

Just Run the following command and change the variable depend on your environment :-

directory : The name of existing dumpdumpfile : The name of dump fileremap_table : Allows you to rename tables during an import operationtables : the name of the table you want to restore it.

impdp directory=DMP_BAK dumpfile=31-01-2017_PRDSBL.dmp  remap_table=siebel.CX_PERMITS:CX_PERMITS_NEW tables=CX_PERMITS