SQL Developer :- Enable SSH for Oracle cloud

In the last post i mentioned how to create Dbaas, In this post i want to use the SQL Developer to manage my Dbaas and connect on the cloud but each time the following error appeared :-

Remember this is not local database , these steps only for the Oracle Cloud.

  • Access to your account from https://cloud.oracle.com then Dbaas --> my services 
  • The Dashboard will be look like the following :-

  • Press on the upper left panel --> Compute 
  • New Screen will be opened , From the upper tabs press on network 

  • In the same page Search under security application you will find Ora-DBListener and the status is Disabled 
  • By Pressing the Right Panel  From the list choose Update.
  • New Screen will be opened like the following, Change the status to enabled and press update :-

  • Now Try again in the SQL Developer :-
Enjoy the Cloud !!!

Thank you
Osama Mustafa


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