Administrating Pluggable Database on the cloud - Clone

  • You can use DBaaS Monitor to create and drop a pluggable database, open and close a pluggable database, plug in and unplug a pluggable database, and clone a pluggable database.

Let's Start with Clone Database :-

  • On the DBaaS Monitor home page.

  • Enter the username and the password of the Dbaas Monitor , username : Dbaas_monitor.

  • From the upper tab press on database --> Manage 

  • you will be redirected to new page , this page contains what pluggable database you have , once you choose which one you want to clone, press on the panel and Press on clone

  • Once you press on clone , new page will be open contains the following 

    • New PDB Name --> New name for the clone Database.
    • Source PDB --> From where you want to clone.
    • File Name Conversion --> You are using this option in case  you want to change anything in the location of database file/ Storage.

  • Press on Show SQL 

  • Once you are done Press on Ok it will take 30 Sec to clone depend on data you have

Enjoy the Cloud

Osama Mustafa


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