Administrating Pluggable Database on the cloud - Other Operation you can do on the cloud

In my previous post i discussed how to clone Pluggable database on the cloud using Dbaas monitor, but what else i can do on the cloud

Closing a Pluggable Database

  • Open Dbaas Monitor

  • Click on modify State, once you press on it new screen will be open contain which PDB you want to close ( if you have more than once ) and the state ( Open or Close ) with two option immediate and normal.

  • Press on Show SQL to check the command 

  • Press OK

Drop Pluggable Database 

  • Same screen you can drop the database by press on the panel then drop like the following, new screen will be opened you can choose keep the datafiles or delete them it's refer to you

Create Pluggable Database 

  • The same screen there is option called create PDB press on it.

  • New Screen will be opened contains different parameters such as the name of the PDB, Password and file name conversion once you enter everything press ok

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