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Weblogic 101 for DBA Webinar

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Migrating From AWS to Oracle Using SQL Developer

The Data Uploaded to the Cloud Vendor Amazon web services ( AWS ) But the client decided to move their data on-premises for the first sight you will think this is hard and needs  a lot of work but thank you SQL Developer and Jeff Smith and he is the product manage for SQL Developer amazing man by the way and crossfitter  at the same time :P

However Lets start :-

Open SQL developerChoose Database copy option from tools menu.

Select source database should be AWSProvide hostname only for the AWSListener PortDB NameUsername/Password Test your connection.Select destination database should be Oracle 
Provide hostname only for the AWS.Provide hostname/IP for the server.Listener PortDB NameUsername/Password Test your connection.

Press Next Button, if the migration done before on the same schema press replace and next.

Press Next after choose what you want to move, Data, Functions , Or trigger ... etc
Check Proceed to summary and Press the finish button the migration will start after this,  it will…