Configure AWS Command Line Interface

In this lesson i will show you how to configure AWS command line, and how to start working with your AWS account thru command line with very simple and basic steps :-

  • First of i will assume that you don't have any user or group in your AWS console
  • from the AWS Console :-

  • From IAM ( Identity access management ) Choose Group Create Group with permission Administrator access and then hit create.

  • create user and add that user to the group in my case the group name shown above, save the secret key and access ID as CSV.
  • Now from this link here, Download AWS Command Line Interface depend on your operating system and open cmd , terminal ... etc.
  • Now from Dos enter AWS configure and fill the information like the below:-

  • Open the command line and test if it's connected to AWS now.

You can learn more about the command line from AWS documentation , if you recive the following error 

"Could not connect to the endpoint URL: ""

Then make sure you are on the right Region.



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  2. AWS Command allows user to create an access management for creating group to save information
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