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Oracle Database 18c (18.3) is now available / Oracle XE

Now you can download Oracle Database 18c (18.3) from OTN , Time for testingHereAlso now you can download Oracle Database XE , free for everyone:-Free Oracle Database for Everyone: Up to 12 GB of user dataUp to 2 GB of database RAMUp to 2 CPU threadsUp to 3 Pluggable DatabasesHere

Osama Mustafa

Change Hostname in Oracle Solaris 11.3

In this post i will share how to change hostname in Solaris 11.3 , i never test this way on other version but regarding to Oracle it will be working without any issue.

as root user, list the current hostname using the below command :-
# svccfg -s system/identity:node listprop config config                                                         application
config/enable_mapping            boolean     true
config/ignore_dhcp_hostname boolean     false
config/loopback                        astring
config/nodename                      astring       solarisdb1

change hostname to new one# svccfg -s system/identity:node setprop config/nodename="solarisdbnew1"
Refresh and restart# svcadm refresh system/identity:node# svcadm restart system/identity:node

 Check the configuration# svccfg -s system/identity:node listprop config

 Thank you