Clone Weblogic Software from One Machine to another

Cloning is the process of copying an existing entity to a different location while preserving its state. Some situations in which cloning Oracle Fusion Middleware is useful are:

  • Creating a Middleware home or Oracle home that is a copy of a production, test, or development environment. Cloning enables you to create a new Middleware home or an Oracle home with all patches applied to it in a single step. This is in contrast to separately installing, configuring and applying any patches to separate Oracle homes.
  • Preparing a "gold" image of a patched home and deploying it to many hosts.
When you move a Middleware home, you create an archive of the source Middleware home and use the archive to create the copy of the Middleware home:

  • ./ -javaHome /u01/jdk -archiveLoc /u01/test.jar -sourceOracleHomeLoc /u01/Oracle/Middleware/fmw_soa

After this copy the jar file to new location and run the following command :-

  • ./ -javaHome /u01/jdk -archiveLoc /u01/test.jar -targetOracleHomeName /u01/osama/

It's very simple and useful

Oracle Doc here.



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